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PowerPoint formatting

from $320 USD

Bring your slide deck to life

A great presentation should tell a clear story. Each slide should have clear vertical logic to be read header to footer as a stand-alone page, while the headings should form part of clear horizontal logic across the slideshow as a whole. The entire deck needs to be on-brand and consistent as well as graphically interesting to keep your audience engaged.

We design PowerPoint slides that work

Whether you need to present an annual report, give a sales pitch to a new client, or need something a little more customized, our designers will work with you to create a presentation that really shows your content at its best. Just sent us your files and we'll return a slick deck of slides ready for you to present. Diagrams or charts that need graphical rework? Imagery that needs sourcing? No problem, we'll take care of it all.

We're ready when you are.

Send us your slide content along with anything else we'll need to complete the job. Let us know if you're hoping for express turnaround or volume pricing. Not quite ready yet? That’s fine too. Just send us an email or give us a call instead.

A set of three slides consistently styled with lots of graphics.
A set of three slides consistently styled with lots of graphics.

How we design your presentation

Layout: Create Title master, Section master and multiple Content masters as appropriate for the content. These will be placed onto standard 10" x 7.5" slides.

Prepare: We clean text ready for careful layout by removing unwanted spaces, breaks, tabs and sections. Combine and sequence all text and images to ensure the correct content on each slide.

Style: Select fonts, colors, backgrounds, textures and other design flourishes like icons or graphics to enhance the content of the presentation.

Animation: Add slide transitions or effects as appropriate. We would typically advise keeping the effects minimal but can certainly include them where they add to the content.

Images: Create brand new imagery in Photoshop or reconstruct tables, charts and diagrams in Illustrator as required. Source new backgrounds or images to switch these throughout. Where existing images should remain, adjust image quality and enhance where neccessary. Clean-up or vectorize diagrams and other graphics.

Powerpoint: Save final slides as an optimized slide set for screen (size, color).

PDF: Export slides from design software to static high-resolution pages.

Your questions answered

how much will my job be?

Presentations can be very varied in terms of length, complexity and graphical requirements. As a result the quickest way to get an accurate price is to send us everything for review so we can quickly issue a quotation.

In the meantime as a guide:

$8.00 USD per slide applies to fairly straightforward slides with a consistent layout to be applied.
$24.00 USD+ slide applies to more graphic heavy slides with significant design work required.

A minimum price of $320 USD typically applies but if you require multiple slide decks with similar styling then we offer volume pricing with lower rates. We ask for 50% payment for our designers to start work and the balance once you are entirely happy.

how long will it take?

The turnaround for a presentation all just depends on the level of graphical work involved. But if you're on a real time crunch and it's at all feasible for anyone to get your slide deck done, then it's probably us.

All timescales quoted are in working days Monday to Friday. Should you need your files sooner than quoted please ask for our express service. Express jobs are subject to a 30%, 50% or 100% fee depending on the speed required. This is because we will need to prioritize the work over other customers and/or work outside normal business hours.

how does payment work?

All payments are made through PayPal, the largest and most trusted online payment system in the world. PayPal accept payments with any debit or credit card in a wide range of currencies. You do not require a PayPal account to make payment.

Please note that paying by e-cheque may delay your job as clearance can take several days. We cannot accept checks or cash or take payments over the phone. For your security all transactions are processed by PayPal. Once you have completed payment PayPal will send us automatic notification of your payment and will send you an email confirmation.

Alternatively, for business customers, payment can be made by direct bank transfer. Please ask for details.

what about my images?

If you are providing images for your presentation you will need to confirm you are allowed to include these and check they are of sufficient quality for printing. Alternatively, for an additional fee we can source stock images for you from our huge library with iStockphoto. Or we can even create original artwork or diagrams for which you then own all the rights and can use the source file however you wish. Most PowerPoint jobs require a bit of a combination of all the above.

do you edit my document?

Our designers are experts with PowerPoint and will ensure your slides absolutely comply with good formatting practice and guidelines. However, we will not be editing the text in any way. This including citations, spelling corrections, grammar checks, references etc.

We may however run typographic checks to make the styling of the text consistent across each slide. This means we ensure headings have consistent casing, check that “quotation” marks come in pairs, that all sentences end with punctuation. And all punctuation is followed by a single space.

what will I get back?

We return to you a standard PowerPoint .pptx file. This will have been cleanly formatted using proper styles, and will be fully editable and complaint with all currently supported versions of PowerPoint. If your presentation includes anything other than system fonts then we will also include a free font file along with installation instructions so this displays correctly in your presentation. In certain cases we have been asked to create a PDF slide deck instead, in which case we would return a set of static PDF pages.

what if I need changes?

If, when working on your presentation, we get every aspect of the design perfect for you first time, then that's super. But we don't expect that. Receiving your feedback and making adjustments is all part of the design process so changes may be requested at any stage.


For presentations we will typically always design a short section and send a sample file for your approval and comments. At this stage you can request an unlimited number of design changes without charge.


Once your whole presentation has been styled we return a review file. This will be a PDF on which you can then add your changes comments, see how to add PDF comments. If anything we have done differs from the styling approved in your sample, let us know and we'll fix it without charge. All other changes or edits are subject to a $48 USD minimum fee. We will always look to make these for you as quickly as possible.